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The need for the agricultural community to look after their interests through collective action and an own organisation had been identified as early as 1896 at the then Natal Farmers’ Conference (now Kwanalu). - Read More

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2014 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement
It is my privilege to present the 2014 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement and the Adjustments Appropriation Bill, the Division of Revenue Amendment Bill, all for 2014/15, and this year’s Tax Bills.
Bedrog, nie boere, briek grond, sê Nkwinti
Bedrog in sy eie departement is besig om grondhervorming te verstadig, en nie boere nie, sê mnr. Gugile Nkwinti.
Caution on land redistribution: farmers
Government must ensure that national priorities including food security and economic stability are not jeopardised when land redistribution is rolled out, the Agri-Sector Unity Forum (Asuf) said on Tuesday.
Family farms crucial to agri production
South Africa’s family farms are part of a global network of 570 million family-owned farms and 56% of all agricultural production came from these businesses, said Harry Prinsloo, chairperson of AgriSA’s policy committee at the Congress on Friday. 
Agri SA verras met ‘raamwerk’ vir grondhervorming
Suid-Afrika se Grondwet sal nie toelaat dat ’n Zimbabwe-agtige grondherverdelingsproses hier plaasvind nie, het Gugile Nkwinti, minister van landelike ontwikkeling en grondhervorming, boere gister gerusgestel.
Jammine nie morbied oor ekonomie
Die ekonomie stort nie in duie nie – dit ploeter eerder sywaarts teen ’n karige groeikoers.

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Onderwerp Datum -Date Subject
Vrystaat landbouers kry hulp met plaasveiligheid 25-08-2014 Free state farmers receive assistance with farm safety
Land debate lacks expertise and realism 25-07-2014 Gronddebat gaan mank aan kundigheid en realisme
Begrotingspos toespraak dui op omvangryke uitdagings vir landbou, sê Agri SA 18-07-2014 Budget vote speech is indicative of major challenges for agriculture, says Agri SA
Ondeurdagte voorstelle oor grond onaanvaarbaar 24-06-2014 Ill-Considered land reform proposals ‘unacceptable’
Agri SA verwelkom President Zuma se Staatsrede met versigtigheid 19-06-2014 Agri SA cautiously welcomes President Zuma’s state of the nation address
Agri SA integrale deel van beplanning oor grondhervorming 13-06-2014 Agri SA is integral part of land reform planning
Agri SA mediaverklaring:  Agri SA ewe bekommerd oor die ekonomie 02-06-2014 Agri SA media release:  Agri SA equally concerned about economy
Agri SA verlang toeganklikheid en samewerking 26-05-2014 Agri SA requires accessibility and cooperation


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