North West Aquaculture and Fishery Programme

Started by The North West department of agriculture and rural development, benefitting rural fisheries.

Why was it started?
The main objective of this project is to improve livelihoods, particularly those in rural communities.

How was it done?
The North West department of agriculture and rural development is collaborating with Rhodes University’s Rural Fisheries Programme (RFP) in the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science (DIFS), to provide the technical support to develop inland fisheries in the NW Province. This collaboration include the development of inland fisheries, recreational fisheries and aquaculture.

Rhodes University offers technical support, which includes training fishers, providing them with equipment and helping them keep records and manage their finances.
The department of economic development, environment, conservation and tourism ensure that the industry is well-regulated. The survival and success of this project is dependent on the good management of resources, partnerships, strengthened governance, effective fisheries management and proper institutional arrangement.

Social and Economic Implications
Rural fisherman gain the training and support needed to generate income and put food on the table.