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Berekisanang Farming Project

Started in 2009, this project benefits Farm Workers and the Community in the Kalahari

Why was it started?
To empower farm workers and the community

How was it done?
Workers were granted 500ha of water use rights by government. Workers with longer than 10 years service joined as trust beneficiaries. The farm workers trust owns 17.1 % in the trust. IDC owns 22.68%, Galactic Deals (neighbouring farm) 39.1% and RCF(EU) 21.21 %. Once the RCF loan is paid back the shares will be transferred to the farm workers trust. Communication and training of beneficiaries and trustees is the key to success on farms. The day to day running of the farm is overseen by Afrifresh’s team of experts. AgriExperts provide training to trustees and and visits the farms once a month reporting on the project progress.

How was it funded?
European Union
Industrial Development Corporation
The Department of Human Settlements (housing grant 400 houses will be built by 2017)

Social and Economic Implications
Employment of 1300 people 600 permanent. By 2017 400 houses will be built creating three towns.