Bingqala Pineapple Co-op

Started by
Community members

Peddie, Eastern Cape

Why was it started?
To provide job opportunities for the local community

Date started

How was it done?
Initialy the co-op planted 15 ha to learn the ins and outs of growing Cayenne pineapples. Later they received technical and management support from Summerpride Foods and Bruce Venter from the Pineapple Growers Association, allowing them to plant a further 27 ha. The co-op secured an offtake agreement for all fruit produced, expected earnings to be R1,5 million.

How was it funded?
R 400 000 from the department of rural development and agrarian reform

Social and Economic Implications
28 permanant and 10 temporary jobs were created

Contact Information
Litha Zitshu
Tel: +27 76 292 7001