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Cedar Citrus

Started by ALG Estates, benefitting 36 Farm Workers in Citrusdal, Western Cape

Why was it started?
To empower Farm workers

How was it done?
Cedar citrus is fully owned by the farmworkers. ALG Estate donated 40ha of land and donated 36 000 citrus trees. The orchards came into production within five years , at the start income was used to pay off loans. The workers operate their own processing plant and produce 100 percent pure, fresh juice with no additives. The oils produced from the peels are also used in skin products, foods spices and household cleaning items.

How was it funded?
Industrial Development Corporation partially funded the land and trees.
Fair trade

Social and Economic Implications
Adult Education
ALG/Cedar Citrus have allocated Fair Trade premium funds for workers to attend Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) classes with an on-site facilitator.
Sports Day
The Joint Body at ALG Boerdery worked very hard to organize a Sports Day for all farm workers and their families with funds from their Fair Trade premium. Over 500 people attended the event
Equipment Purchase
ALG/Cedar Citrus used Fair Trade premiums to purchase computers and secure internet access. They also purchased chairs and four television sets for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Workers were able to view this landmark event from the estate. This was the first time the world’s largest sporting event was held on the African continent.