Quedusizi Besters Project - Agri SAAgri SA

Children’s projects

Started by
Food for Life (FFL)

Schools in the area


Why was it started?
Combining nutrition and learning as a hand-in-glove approach to support educational development initiatives.

How was it done?
Food for Life, In partnership with Food & Trees for Africa, conducted a schools workshop that focused on sustainable agriculture and food sovereignty at the Northdene AgroEcology Research Centre.
Bharathi Tugh of Food & Trees for Africa highlighted the aspects around sustainable living, permaculture and developing a consciousness of caring and reverence for the earth. The attendees were also exposed to the aqua-ponic component of the centre, which conducts research on utilising fish waste as a form of organic fertiliser.
After the workshop, the learners were provided with a meal and writing material. This interactive and practical workshop was attended by 40 learners from various schools in Chatsworth, who were given instructions on the above mentioned concepts.

Social and Economic Implications
The children involved in this project were educated on sustainable living and developed a consciousness of caring and reverence for the earth.