Quedusizi Besters Project - Agri SAAgri SA

Community vegetable gardens and school feeding schemes

Started by
Food & Trees for Africa, in partnership with City Lodge Hotel Group

Evaton Community, Johannesburg

How was it done?
Baseline assessments on more than 100 food gardening projects were done, around 50 were selected to be supported by the City Lodge Hotel Group sponsored programme. These will be supported with seeds, seedlings and a wide range of other important backup and interaction to maintain thriving vegetable gardens.

How was it funded?
The City Lodge Hotel Group donate funds to FTFA on behalf of hotel guests who have made online bookings. So it is a “pay it forward” exercise””.
The City Lodge Hotel Group has been donating to FTFA on behalf of its online guests since 2012.

Social and Economic Implications
The area saw an improvement in food security and nutrition.