Quedusizi Besters Project - Agri SAAgri SA

Developing small scale tobacco farmers

Started by
British and American Tobacco (BAT)

Small scale tobacco farmers

Mpumalanga and Northwest provinces

Why was it started?
The objective of the sustainable agriculture initiatives is the economic and social empowerment of aspirant farmers who require the necessary skills and assistance to become self-sufficient.


How was it done?
“BAT South Africa’s largest project in the sustainable agriculture space is the funding of the non-tobacco crops of small tobacco farmers, with the aim of helping them create a more holistic farming system. Through crop rotation the farmers are able to increase income and food security.
The farmers were empowered through collaboration with agricultural specialists and development organisations, expert training and development, as well as crop production support .”

Social and Economic Implications
Empowerment is not limited to just the farmers, but influences the entire community by addressing issues such as food security and education.

Benefit to Initiator
BAT South Africa procures 100% of the tobacco leaf grown by these farmers, thereby creating a sustainable market for them.