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Diepsloot Garden Project

Started by Afrika Tikkun, benefitting People in the Diepsloot community.

Why was it started?
Reducing poverty and the people’s lack of prospects.

How was it done?
The finances were used to set up an organic vegetable garden. Parents and volunteers were able to learn how to set up their own vegetable gardens during a workshop. For these gardens they received seeds free of charge. Afrika Tikkun will additionally recruit a specialist to oversee the care and further development of the vegetable garden throughout the year to ensure the sustainability of the project.

How was it funded?
The German Embassy, Pretoria R 80 000

Social and Economic Implications
The project attended to basic food security and offered opportunities for generating income through selling produce. Another important result was achieved through the garden project: the children of Diepsloot were taught the basics about nutrition. Additionally, important skills such as teamwork, social competence and recycling were also conveyed.

Benefit for Initiator
Proactive approach to Land Reform (from farmer union) allowed all parties happiness and created a farming community