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Feedlot Project


Started by COMAC in 2005, benefitting Emerging and communal cattle Farmers in the Eastern Cape

Why was it started?
To improve market access and increase income of cattle farmers

How was it done?
The project was started in 2005 by Comac and in 2009 Comac handed the project to the National Agricultural Marketing Council. The project falls under the National Red Meat Development Program. Farmers bring their cattle to the feedlot where they are they are fed. The feeding scheme allows the cattle to reach market maturity at a quicker pace. Cattle are also sold from the feedlot, a price is negotiated and the owner is contacted and negotiations can begin. Farmers regularly meet as a local organisation and have full access to their cattle in the feedlot

How was it funded?
Rural Development and Land Reform

Social and Economic Implications
The feedlot employs 5 people including personnel in administration, security and an intern. The project increases the income of farmers involved. A point of sale structure is introduced, their cattle are sold at peak maturity and at a better price.