Quedusizi Besters Project - Agri SAAgri SA

Geranium oil farm

Started by
BAT South Africa

Ten women

Marblehall, Limpopo

Why was it started?
Empowerment of the community.

How was it done?
BAT South Africa contracted the women to grow tobacco, provided support in crop production, and committed to procuring 100% of their tobacco leaf product, creating a sustainable market for them. As a rotational crop, tobacco can only grow for one or two seasons in the same fields before they need to rest. During the resting period, other crops can be planted. Farming rose geraniums ensures the fields are always productive. BAT South Africa contracted African Rose Oils for their expertise and assistance. The project entails infrastructure development, mentorship, training and supervision of production as well as distillation. African Oils also works with agricultural experts, the local farmers and social workers to assist with any community challenges or broader business needs.

Social and Economic Implications
The women involved in the project are now able to produce an income.

Benefit to Initiator
BAT procured 100% of the tobacco leaves produced.