Started by
Xolisa Bangani

Children of the Isikhokelo Primary School

Khayelitsha Western Cape

Why was it started?
The purpose of the garden is to promote and practice agro-ecology and biodiversity, serving the community with relevant information, gardening skills and engaging with young people

Date started

How was it done?
Ikaya is a school based community project, a food forest garden situated at Isikhokelo Primary School, Site C, Khayelitsha. The garden was established by Xolisa Bangani, who is an artist (poet/rapper), with the idea of showcasing gardening as a landscaping art. Ikhaya garden is all about making garden cool and fun for the youth, combing gardening, recycling and art.

Social and Economic Implications
The program promotes a healthy lifestyle while creating environmental awareness

Contact Information
Tel: +27 81 414 8411
Email: soiluture@gmail.com