Imbaza Mussels

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Imbaza Mussels has its origin in other mussel producing operations. Blue Bay mussels bought Sea Harvest’s mussel operations, which has six employees as an empowerment project. These employees then formed Imbaza Mussels

Saldanha Bay, Western Cape

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The production is 30 ha in size with one raft per ha. Each raft has 800 mussels ropes hanging 6m into sea. The ropes create a substrate for mussels to settle on. The mussels then feed (phytoplankton) and grow until they reach a marketing size (9cm). The mussels are harvested by pulling the ropes on the rafts and beating the ropes on the deck. The mussel is a sensitive organism and water quality and toxin levels in the mussels have to be monitored. Site quality is the most important factor and is dependant on water quality, current protecton, absence from pollution and good water circulation.

Social and Economic Implications
Imbaza Mussels has a black shareholding of 67%. They have 17 staff members and created 100 jobs

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