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Jagpan Vennootskap Boerdery

Started by Gawie van Wyk and Jannie van Heerden in 2007, benefiting 4 emerging farmers in Hantam, Northern Cape

Why was it started?
To contribute to the area

How was it done?
Land is leased from the state for seven years at no cost but with commitments to use and maintain it. The Dorpers were run with 400 ewes belonging to Van Wyk and Van Heerden. The 800 sheep were farmed as a unit with a 50% profit share going to the trainees and 50% going to the two mentors.
The emerging farmers are required to build up their own flock to 800 ewes within seven years. As this happens, Van Wyk and Van Heerden gradually reduce their own ewe numbers and their percentage of the profits accordingly.

How was it funded?
Land leased by state at no cost and 400 Dorper ewes donated by government.

Social and Economic Implications
The financial status of the farmers were improved.