Lavender in Lavender Hill

People in the Lavender Hill Community

Lavender Hill, Cape Town

Why was it started?
Their social aim is to support job creation and entrepreneurial empowerment in the Lavender Hill community and other Cape Town areas

How was it done?
Lavender in Lavender Hill produce are high quality, health beneficial, all natural ingredient lavender body, home and food products.This is done through their choice of product producers, hosting of education sessions and Lavender Ambassadors. Their products producers are handpicked to empower. They work with small entrepreneurs, community members or micro enterprises. Lavender education and skills training sessions are held with Lavender Hill community members.They also help create business opportunities for people who want to take their financial situation into their own hands. Lavender Ambassadors receive training, mentorship and start up help to run their own business selling the Lavender in Lavender Hill products. By buying Lavender in Lavender Hill products one buys a great, healing product while helping people.

Contact Information
Tel: +27 82 357 7613