Lima’s cane grower programme - Agri SAAgri SA

Lima’s cane grower programme

Started by Lima, benefitting 1 200 sugar cane farmers, as well as their families and farm workers.

Why was it started?
Helping sugar cane farmers in the Nkomazi municipality achieve long term sustainability.

How was it done?
Lima has placed three technical facilitators and two agricultural professionals in the field, providing a range of support and institutional change mechanisms to cane growers and their farmers’ associations. Participatory planning workshops are held regularly with farmers to develop solutions and encourage growers to take ownership of the change process. Remedial actions have included reconstitution of farmers’ associations, improving member farmers’ accountability and addressing governance issues. Institutional changes include the introduction of a formal land rental model, consolidation and joint management of individual farming units, as well as improving the management of communal irrigation infrastructure.

How was it funded?
The program is funded by private sector partner TSB Sugar, in conjunction with the Business Trust through the Shared Growth Challenge Fund, the Sugar Association Small Grower Development Fund and the Jobs Fund.

Social and Economic Implications
The farmers saw in increase in yields and are now able to generate more income.