Quedusizi Besters Project - Agri SAAgri SA

Livestock improvement programme

Started by
Mngunube Development

14 000 communal farmers

Transkei, Eastern Cape

Why was it started?
Communal farmers often struggle with low birth and survival rates. Supplying them with health services for their livestock greatly improves there income and lives.

How was it done?
Firstly the company introduced a system of village link person approach (VLPs). Mentors train selected local farmers and appoint them as service providers to fellow farmers. The VLPs then provide inputs at a mark-up price . The VLPs also dose and inject livestock and provide advice on, for example, breeding and supplementation. The VLPs run their own business. The VLPs get their resource from Mngunube Development.

Social and Economic Implications
The average farmer earns an extra R20 000 per annum due to improved birth and survival rates of livestock. VLPs also make extra money – some up to R4 000 per month. The project is improving the mindset: they now see business opportunity in farming and the value of effective management and strategies.

Benefit to initiator
Resources used by VLPs are directly sourced from Mngunube Development (this, however, is not a prerequisite).

Contact information
Lyle Kew: 083 262 0943
Jack Blaker: 082 807 7805