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The NWGA Training and Development for Communal and Emerging Wool Farmers

Started by the National Wool Growing Association of South Africa, benefitting communal and emerging wool farmers

Why was it started?
To pool resources and establish ongoing mentorship.

How was it done?
The programme follows a five-tier approach:
• Providing infrastructure development and upgrading of shearing stations and facilities;
• Giving ongoing development and training;
• Mentorship assistance with local, established farmers;
• Help with all marketing-related aspects; and
• Genetic improvement of the local herds with the gradual introduction of superior rams.

How was it funded?
Various stakeholders are involved to support the project financially and technically.
These include the Wool Industry (through Cape Wools SA), National-, Provincial and Local Government, University of Pretoria, Wool Brokers, Foreign Donors and Development Trusts, AgriSETA and Private Organizations.

Social and Economic Implications
The programme made a huge difference to the income and overall social status of the farmers. The quality of their herds and wool increased in some cases even allowing export.

Trends in social indicators for the period 2004 – 2009: Number of households with children going to bed hungry has declined from 43,1% to 27,3%;the number of households with savings accounts has increased from 56,9% to 77,3%; and the number of households having to borrow money for school fees has decreased 78,4% to 52,3%.