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Omnia Farmer Development

Started by

796 emerging farmers

Free State, North West

Why was it started?
Proactively bring back hectares lost due to land redistribution failures.


How was it done?
The farmers receive the full Omnia nutriology benefits, skills transfer and training on best farming practices. To date at least 921 emerging producers are recorded to have directly benefited from the Omnia farmer developmental schemes.
Free State Omnia continues to form collaborative partnerships with like-minded companies and organisations that support emerging farmers, such as VKB, OVK and Grain SA. Since the inception of these partnerships, 52 emerging farmers have been assisted. Omnia, as a full-time partner, provides dedicated agronomic support, products, services and training to these emerging farmers.

North West
Omnia has been in collaboration with NWK in the North West Province for nine years. The 14 farmers that currently participate in the scheme are supplied with fertiliser and receive agronomic support services and training.

The Land Bank assists 13 emerging farmers with finance.

For some years Omnia has been providing technical support and fertilizer to the new growers in the area. There are a total of 729 farmers supported by Omnia in the area, producing sugarcane, subtropical crops (litchis) and vegetable crops, and all are recipients of some service or other support from Omnia.

Social and Economic Implications
Through this program farmers were able to greatly improve their lifestyle by increasing their income and food security.