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Project Khula


Started by Coca-Cola, benefitting sugar cane farmers in KwaZulu-Natal.

Why was it started?
To help sugarcane farmers improve their yields and livelihoods while reducing environmental impacts.

How was it done?
Project Khula leverages the mentorship program of a local growers association to train smallholder farmers in better land and catchment management practices. It aims to support development of more than 3 000 small-scale growers on over 8 400 hectares, and to help the local sugar mill, the local government and other local stakeholders organise smaller farms into cooperatives. The cooperatives are expected to help improve productivity and provide opportunities for funding expansion of the program.

How was it funded?
The Coca-Cola Foundation provided a 150 000 dollar grant

Social and Economic Implications
The farmers in the area have seen an increase in income and food security.