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Project Regeneration

Started by NCT, benefitting small holder farmers in community areas.

Why was it started?
To provide small scale farmers access to knowledge and skills through regular practical workshops and infield training.

How was it done?
Project Regeneration provides members with advice and improved plant material for the re-establishment of their fields after harvesting. NCT also provides development loans that assist members with purchasing essential equipment and standing plantations. Local forestry-qualified field operatives work with farmers addressing issues such as regeneration, silviculture, business management and budget control .This ensure that small enterprises under the management of black members have access to all the elements required to run sustainable tree farming operations. Transport access to markets is a challenge for some of black members farming in traditional authority lands. NCT has opened holding depots in these strategic positions to ease access to the market for members.

How was it funded?

Social and Economic Implications
Farmers are now able to generate a sustainable income.