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RSA Group


Benefitting developing farmers in South Africa.

Why was it started?
To help black developing farmers enter the market. When it comes to farming commercially, most black farmers are just starting. They don’t have information to help them become better commercial farmers.

How was it done?
The farmers who are included in the programme are supported in the following ways: They are trained on soil preparation, the correct seeds to plant so that they can compete fairly on the market, when to harvest, how to package and class their produce, which kind of seeds are suitable in a particular season, and so on. They are informed about rules and regulations on the spraying of chemicals.

Several workshops are also run where emerging farmers from provinces such as Mpumalanga, Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal visit the Joburg Fresh Produce Market in City Deep for a day to teach them how the market operates.

How was it funded?
A Dutch cooperative Icco helps to finance the workshops.

Social and Economic Implications
More than a 1 000 farmers have been assisted in reaching the market, with 80% of them supplying fresh produce to the market. These farmers are now able to generate an income and is food secure.