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Smallholder cotton farmer training

Started by
Cotton SA

Smallholder farmers (more than 1 000)

At the Lowveld College of Agriculture in Nelspruit

Why was it started?
Lack of knowledge and expertise among small-holder cotton farmers are major constraints that impede growth in the emerging cotton farming sector.


How was it done?
Cotton requires significantly more management input and specialist skills than most other field crops traditionally grown by smallholders. Cotton SA has established a formal training program for smallholder cotton farmers. To increase training capacity, training facilities were also established in all the smallholder farmer cotton production regions. The courses cover both theory and practice. Around 60% of the course content has practical application. Course content is taught by experts from across the industry who share their knowledge with the groups in training. CottonSA is an accredited training institution.

How was it funded
The courses receive primary funding from the AGRISETA as well as contributions from industry and local government.

Social and Economic Implications
Smallholder farmers have attended the courses, allowing them to expand their knowledge and subsequently their output and income in the industry.