Temothou Agriculture Cooperative - Agri SAAgri SA

Temothou Agriculture Cooperative

Started by Phillistus Mphongo in 2003, benefitting community members in Burgersfort Limpopo

Why was it started?
Grow an agricultural enterprise and strive towards commercial capacity

How was it done?
The cooperative is a mixed farming venture which started with backyard farming and eventually grew as more community members and organisations became involved. Organisations involved include the local municipality (appointed agriculture advisor to mentor), CSIR (they are conducting studies on certain plants grown by the cooperative)

Social and Economic Implications
The local community profited from the project in a number of ways. They purchased food and medicinal plants from the cooperative. The location of the cooperative was more accessible. Community members were educated on how to cultivate vegetables. All workers employed by the cooperative was taken from the community. The cooperative also provides free food for the local crèche as well as the people in dire need.