The Blocuso Wine Development Initiative

Started by
Department of agriculture, land reform and rural development, department of water and environmental affairs, Oranjerivier Wine Cellars and the Blocuso Trust

400 beneficiaries from the Blocuso Trust

Keimoes, Northern Cape

Why it was started?
To create a new generation of people who are active in the region’s grape-growing sector

How was it done?
Oranjerivier Wine Cellars supplied the planting material and helped establish the current 20 ha of irrigated vineyards on the 216 ha of land allocated to the project, which includes water rights. The vineyards, which were planted this year, were to be harvested for the first time in 2011. As part of the agreement, Oranjerivier Wine Cellars will purchase the grapes as well as issuing the trust with shares in Oranjerivier Wine Cellars, based on the amount of grapes harvested.

How it was funded
The department provided funding of R21 million

Benefit to Initiator
Oranjerivier Wine Cellars purchases the grapes produced by this initiative