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Tree Project

Started in 2009 by the Pome and Stone Fruit industry and the Deciduous Fruit Development Chamber

Why was it started?
1.Expand the tree-planting initiative to all provinces where deciduous fruits are grown based on commercial principles (i.e. no subsistence type projects will be considered);
2.Extend the scope of the project for as long as assistance and support is required;
3.Graduate cluster members to full commercial status.
help current emerging producers to increase their productivity

How was it done?
The tree project basically entails that each BEE production unit is entitled to apply once for 5 hectares of planting material or maximum of 6250 trees per unit (planting density of 4mx2m) over the life span of the project. The ultimate choice of fruit kind and cultivar remains the project’s decision as long as it’s suitable and adaptable within those specific growing conditions and makes economic sense to do so.

How was it funded?
CASP Apart from the contribution of industry funds towards this initiative, HORTGRO also acts as the implementing agent

Social and Economic Implications
Approximately 700 permanent new on-farm jobs will be created in this process whilst a similar number of workers will benefit from seasonal work in packing and cold storage facilities.