Trevor’s Farm

Started by
Trevor Abrahams

Date Started

How was it done?
Key success factors:

  • Educational background
    Trevor is former teacher with an MA degree in education that assisted with his scientific approach to farming.
  • Exceptional mentorship support
    Robert Graaff became Trevor’s mentor in 2000 and he pulled Trevor into his input and output markets, exposed him to his own technical advice services. He went that extra mile with Trevor and afforded him a loan account of close to R1 million when banks turned down Trevor’s request for a loan.
  • Entrepreneurship
    During his time as teacher in Ceres, he started a small-scale operation on the local municipal communal land farming with a few head of cattle and a few pigs.
  • Grant funding
    Trevor could manage to launch a few successful applications to the Western Cape department of agriculture for CASP funding support.

How was it funded?
Received a grant from the department of land affairs and the LRAD in 1999 and 2010, a loan from his mentor of R1 million and later also CASP funding