Ubumbano Farmers Co-operative - Agri SAAgri SA

Ubumbano Farmers Co-operative


Started by Agribusiness Development Agency (ADA), benefitting Communal farmers in KZN.

Why was it started?
To create an enabling environment aimed at growing the agricultural sector and improving market access for black commercial farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs, through intensifying land productivity and maximising value-adding opportunities, thus stimulating job creation and economic inclusion in a sustainable manner.

How was it done?
ADA’s intervention:
• Purchased a chicory processing plant for the beneficiaries • Purchased drier and roaster
• Provision of engineering services, which included infrastructural assessment and irrigation designs and related works
• Infrastructural development (fencing and irrigation for different farms). Provision of production inputs
• Procurement of tractors and other farm implements
• Appointed management company to render management services, and will ensure that the work flow is smooth and the project is sustainable.

How was it funded?
Agribusiness Development Agency

Social and Economic Implications
The chicory production and productivity has increased and employment opportunities have increased. The co-operative has entered into an off-take agreement with one of the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness companies.