The UNDP Poverty Alleviation Project - Agri SAAgri SA

The UNDP Poverty Alleviation Project


Started by UNDP, benefitting 9 households in Soweto.

Why was it started?
Improve poverty, food insecurity and unemployment in the area.

How was it done?
The UNDP poverty alleviation project focuses on the following:
Expanding the agricultural land by using roll planters; increasing income of small scale farmers by decreasing the use of water for agriculture and increasing the productivity by utilising drip irrigation system; eliminating food shortage by increasing yield of crops; employing more people in agriculture by expanding farm lands. The project is operating in an old unused primary school. A community co-operative with the support from UNDP prepared a piece of barren land and turned it into a productive land, using the polylactic acid sand tube roll planters.

Social and Economic Implications
Through the project there was an increase in food security as the beneficiaries could now produce food for themselves as well as the community. The beneficiaries saw an increase in income through produce sales. Some people gained employment through the project.