Quedusizi Besters Project - Agri SAAgri SA


104 project members

Nkandla in KwaZulu-Natal

Why was it started?
Empowerment of the community

How was it done?
Fruit trees and vegetable seedlings were distributed to all project members.
With the support of HPSA, 104 project members have received goats and in March 2014, 17 pass-on project members received goats. An agricultural hub, with a small agricultural store, a market place and an auction facility is underway for this project.
Original project families: 104
Female project members: 90
Male project members: 14
POG Project families: 104
Male POG project families: 17
Female POG project families: 87
Total number of people benefitting from the project: 520

How was it funded ?
This project is supported by:
• WesBank Fund
• National Lotteries Board
• DOW Chemicals