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Agri Dwala Project

Started by Kosie van Zyl, this project benefits 29 emerging farmers in Cape Agalhus

Why was it started?
To empower people in their community

How was it done?
They identified six households in the community who genuinely want to farm and, together with Kosie, Piet and nine farm workers, formed Agri Dwala, planting their first wheat on the commonage land, with the help of financing they received from Overberg Agri. They then gradually reinvested profits and they were able to buy Jafters Krantz (264ha) with funds they received from the land reform department and Karsrivier (316ha), which they bought after securing financing from a local branch of Pioneer Foods.

How was it funded?
Overberg Agri
Land Reform Department
Pioneer Foods

Social and Economic Implications
The financial status of those involved improved.