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Application Procedure


The incidence of farm attacks and general criminality is not the only threat that impacts negatively on individuals’ safety and the production capacity of South African agriculture. However, without a safe and prosperous agricultural sector, food security and rural stability are not guaranteed in South Africa.



The Agri Securitas Trust Fund strives to contribute towards the promotion of rural safety and, with a positive mindset and constructive action, remains committed to working for a safe and prosperous agricultural industry in South Africa.

The Fund is largely involved in funding of the following;

  • Provision of radio communication systems for emergency communication;
  • Installation of booms to monitor vehicles;
  • Provision of rural protection equipment;
  • Financing of research regarding motives behind farm attacks;
  • Support for an information-gathering service to proactively combat farm attacks;
  • Trauma counselling whereby many people have already been assisted in dealing with their emotional trauma.

From the applications received, it seems that the need for funding is increasing over a wide front. The feedback received indicated that the Fund’s contributions make a difference to people’s lives and their safety.


To enable the board of trustees to properly evaluate each request, it must be provided with the following particulars:

  • A detailed description of the area that will be affected by the project.
  • How far do the boundaries of the area extend and which farmer associations operate within the area?
  • How many farmers live in the area and how many are active members of the farmer association?
  • An estimate of the number of farm workers and their dependants living in the area, with an indication of whether there is a farm school in the area.
  • What is the financial position of farmers in general and what contribution can they make to the project?
  • A detailed description of the nature and extent of crime in the area.
  • A description of the security project and how it will be run. What management structures are in place to manage the project and what role will the farmer association play?
  • Items for which financing is requested must be specified, and the relevant costs must be supported by three quotations.
  • Does liaison take place with the local police and, if so, what role will they play in the project?
  • How will the project contribute towards improving the crime situation?

The procedure that must be followed for the approval and finalisation of an application:

  • After an application has been formulated bearing in mind the above-mentioned aspects, it must be submitted to the local farmer association and/or commodity organisations for approval.
  • Thereafter the request must be presented to the provincial affiliate or national commodity organisation for approval, with an indication of the structure within the affiliate which had evaluated and approved the request and the date on which this took place, after which the request will be sent to Agri SA for submission to the board of trustees.
  • All items that are funded will become the property of and be maintained by the farmer association and/or affiliated commodity organisation. Written confirmation of this will be required from the relevant farmer association and/or commodity organisation before funds are paid over.
  • As soon as funding for a specific project has been approved, the relevant provincial affiliate and/or commodity organisation will be informed in writing and provided with the conditions set by the trustees.

The Board has already decided in principle not to consider the following items for funding:

  • Any type of vehicle.
  • Radios for individual members of a farmer association. The board will, however, consider funding radios for control rooms and key persons appointed per duty sheet and to key role players within the rural safety strategy of the area or the security project. An application for funding of radios and/or a radio repeater must be accompanied by an ICASA licence or a copy of an application for such licence.
  • Operating capital to run a project.

The Trust Fund is exempt from tax and approved funds are paid over directly to the beneficiaries, for example the farmer association, after submission of an invoice and written confirmation that the project will be completed and that the farmer association accepts ownership of the equipment. If the farmer association is exempt from tax, an exemption letter must accompany the invoice.