Arieskraal - Agri SAAgri SA



Started by Barbara van den Bossche, benefitting 197 farm workers in the Elgin Valley.

Why was it started?
To reward farm workers for the important role they play in generating wealth for the farm.

How was it done?
An equity share scheme was created. Three workers’ trusts was initiated, consisting of 197 individuals. These individuals bought a 52% shareholding in Arieskraal through LRAD from the Vintage Group, which retained 48% of the farm. The workers’ trusts are: Arieskraal Management Trust (5%), the Vyebosch Workers Trust (27%) and the Arieskraal Workers Trust (20%). The shareholders are directly involved in managing day to day tasks on the farm. Shareholders receive 40% of the profit and the rest is paid back into the farmers trusts. Hortgro assisted in funding for trees planted.

How was it funded?
LRAD, Hortgro

Social and Economic Implications
The farm workers benefit financially by dividends paid out to shareholders