Astral Health Link Programme - Agri SAAgri SA

Astral Health Link Programme


Started by Astral Poultry, benefitting the workers.

Why was it started?
To improve the health of workers living with HIV.

How was it done?
Astral appointed Kaelo, a corporate health company, to manage the program, which include the following: Wellness screening, including HIV testing. Counselling was introduced. Peer educators, selected from the workforce and trained, act as ambassadors for the programme and encourage co-workers to go for screening.

Social and Economic Implications
Astral’s wellness programme has reversed a damaging trend and reduced the number of Aids related deaths by almost 50%. The number of Aids related deaths in its workforce reduced from 15 per thousand to about eight per thousand in three years. Improved employee wellness and the company’s declining risk cover premiums are obvious benefits.

Benefit for Initiator
Astral’s return on investment in the wellness programme amounted to millions in 2011, because of a sharp decline in death and disability claims, reduced absenteeism, lower presenteeism and enhanced productivity. Improved employee health has led to a decline in Astral’s risk cover premiums with the savings re-routed directly to the company’s employee retirement funds.