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Boompie Project

Started by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture and Deciduous fruit Industry, benefitting new and established smallholder fruit farmers.

Why was it started?
To enhance the livelihoods of (new and established) previously disadvantaged smallholder fruit farmers

How was it done?
EThe industry provided trees and technical advice while the department was paying for land preparation, irrigation and drainage, among others. The viability of all projects was evaluated by the department’s Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme, generally known as CASP.The production area of farmers were expanded and they were included in the existing and globally competitive value chains of the South African Deciduous Fruit Industry. In this manner almost 313 hectares of fruit trees were established on the land of previously disadvantaged fruit farmers in the Western over the period 2009 to 2012.

How was it funded?
Western Cape Department of Agriculture

Social and Economic Implications
Created a linkage to markets and allows them to participate in the value chain. 469 long-term sustainable jobs were created. At the same time the participating farmers can depend on an annual income stream of R83 135 per hectare in perpetuity.