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Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme (CWG)

Since its inception, the total number of interns who have participated in the programme amounts to 24, with the intake of four new protégés at the beginning of this year. To date no less than 13 former protégés are pursuing promising careers in the wine industry – from private wine estates to larger corporate wine companies.

Why it was started?
The long term goal of CWG is developing and empowering talented young Protégés in the South African wine industry.

Date started

How was it done?
The CWG Protégé Programme lays the foundation for young winemaking and viticultural interns to build a successful career through a 3-year mentorship. The CWG Protégé Programme gives oenology and viticulture graduates the rare opportunity of working side by side and learning from members of the Guild, all acclaimed masters of their craft.

How it was funded?
Over the past two years Amorim has donated a total of just under R200 000 towards the CWG Protégé Programme in support of transformation in the wine industry. This year’s contribution of R111 314 will be used to fund various skills development initiatives, including an international harvest experience for 2nd year protégés.

Contact information
For further information on the Cape Winemakers Guild Protégé Programme, visit, call +27 21 852 0408 or send an email to