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Land debate continues at Grain SA

The land debate continues on a positive note at the Grain SA congress

This week the land debate that relates to expropriation without compensation was a focal point of the Grain SA congress.  In true democratic style the floor was opened to accommodate a variety of views on the topic.  “It was good to understand the hearts and minds of people and we welcomed a very constructive debate” Dan Kriek President of Agri SA mentioned.

From a farming perspective it is essential to protect the constitution and property rights.  Grain SA managed to reach consensus on very important principles with the fundamentals of sustainability and food security being top of mind.  “We will continue with this debate and will continue to understand and make constructive contributions as the example was set in Grain SA’s congress” Kriek remarked.

The final outcome was that Grain SA supported land reform in a sustainable manner to maintain economic growth and food security. The different groupings agreed that the dialog on land reform will continue whilst the current Constitution is upheld.

“In the end this is not just about farming and agriculture but the founding principles in our democracy that is at stake, we take these conversations very serious and we fully support Grain SA in their endeavors” Kriek said.


Issued by Agri SA, Directorate:  Corporate Liaison


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