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Farm Worker Wellness

Started by Hortgro in conjunction with Procare, benefitiing more than 11 000 employees on 190 farms.

Why was it started?
The Farm Worker Wellness Programme (FWP) focuses on empowering employees with the necessary life and communication skills in order to minimise the impact of
psycho-social problems on the employees’ productivity.

How was it done?
The programme is completed over a five-week period. The underlying principle of the FWP is that individuals with healthy core values and norms are more inclined to
lead healthy, productive lives and are thus able to be more productive and efficient workers. The need for more information on healthy lifestyles seems to be increasing. The objective is to kick-start the programme on farms, thereafter it is integrated as part of best practice on such farms and becomes part of the normal employee costs as part of the Support Care Worker SCW-programme. Upon the completion of the Farm Worker Wellness Programme, many farm management teams come to the realisation that the support services of a social worker is needed on a more continuous basis. This led to several farms contracting the services of an on-site social worker.

Social and Economic Implications
Farm workers are empowered with the knowledge they need to live a healthier life.