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Food 4 Forests Programme


Started by Mondi, benefitting Mondi’s forestry contractors.

Why was it started?
To ensure that there workers have a healthy life.

How was it done?
Food security – or the lack thereof – remains a critical issue in rural South African communities . Not only does it have an impact on quality of life and long-term health, but nutrition plays an important role in overall wellbeing. Mondi’s Food 4 Forests programme ensures that employees and contractors working in forestry operations receive and consume a nutritionally balanced meal during the course of their day’s work.

Social and Economic Implications
In 2011, the programme delivered 1,8 million meals to around
8 000 people, provided by three local catering companies. In addition, the project is also expected to create 250 new catering jobs and require the development of vegetable gardens to meet increased demand for fresh food. These gardens should provide an additional source of revenue for local people.

Benefit for Initiator
Through feeding their workers they ensure workers have the energy required to do their work, are more focused and productive.