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Hantam Education Trust

Started in the Hantam, this fund benefits children of farm workers in a 50km radius.

Why was it started?
To provide all children with a solid foundation for formal education, Address barriers to learning for all children, assist learners and youth with special needs, provide all school leavers with post grade 9 opportunities, Provide the community with primary health care and health education, build sustainable programmes.

How was it done?
The trust administers a healthcare and health education program, a youth development program, aimed at providing school leavers with accredited training and skills and a bursary programme.

How was it funded?
Donors including (Absa foundation, Assore chairman’s fund, Association for cultural exchange UK, Brand Trust UK, Carter Family Charitable Fund, Centre for Conscious Leadership, Cornerstone Economic Research, Department of Education, Desmond Leech Bequest, Electoral Commission of South Africa, Industrial development Corporation, Ireland Davenport, Brombacher and Associates, Joan St Leger Lindbergh Charitable Trust, Jack an Jill Gerber UK, Kraus von Essen Netherlands, Karl Leinberger, Ian Liddle, Louwenstein Trust, Mary Slack and Daughters Foundation, Marjorie Murphy Canada, Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, RB Hagart Trust, Robert Niven Trust, Rodney Bruce and Valerie Southgate USA, Prof M Savage, SizweAfrica Business Consulting, Staffataclick, St Ola Trust, TK Foundation USA, Sandra Van Hoostraten, Wallingford Quaker

Social and Economic Implications
Education and Health Care