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Household poultry farming project


Why it was started?
There is great potential for home-based and small-scale production of eggs and chicken meat. Successful poultry production at household level provides excellent preparation for stepped-up production in intermediate-sized production units.

How was it done?
A detailed hands-on experimentation training programme is introduced to familiarise the homestead producer with all the elements of commercial poultry production. This includes self-management, financial and production planning, record-keeping and regular review of the results one has achieved. Combined with the appropriate technology solutions, some of the typical problems with rural poultry production are minimised.The most important factors for successful and sustainable poultry production are to keep costs and losses low and production consistently high. By starting small, the household learn how to minimise the losses and maximise production. Based on this first-hand experience, they can then decide whether and how to expand.

Poultry production must be manageable and affordable within people’s daily context. Therefore the choice of technology is important. The training and technology must be a “smart subsidy”, therefore Umsizi aims to provide the means for a “once-off injection” which provides knowledge and assets for the household, which enables them to be much more productive than before.