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Just Veggies

Farmers and community members

Northern KwaZulu-Natal

Why it was started?
Empowerment of farm workers.

How was it done?
This project has seen previously uncultivated land turned into over 270 hectares of potatoes used for McCain’s oven chips. To date, this project has been very successful and Omnia’s involvement included the provision of agronomical services and the supply and financing of fertiliser. The Just Veggies agri-processing facility is situated in Coronation (a defunct coal mining town), just outside Vryheid in KwaZulu- Natal. With its good soils, sufficient rainfall and suitable weather, Vryheid is an ideal place for vegetable production. This project is also funded by the PIC to the value of R100 million and the community are also shareholders in the business. Just Veggies also provides mentoring to the farmers and an oversight function to ensure that quality standards are adhered to. Just Veggies is a Level 1 BEE company.

How it was funded?
Public Investment Corporation (PIC), in partnership with McCain and Potatoes SA.

Benefit to initiator
The purpose of the business is to produce processed vegetables for McCain. Fresh produce is purchased from the surrounding rural farming communities that are contracted to grow vegetables for Just Veggies.