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Absa www.absa.co.za
Agri Expo www.agriexpo.co.za
Agrifica www.agrifica.co.za
Agri Oos-Kaap www.agriec.co.za
Agricultural Geo-Referenced Information System www.agis.agric.za
Agricultural Marketing Information System www.agis.agric.za
AgriMega www.agrimega.co.za
AgriSETA www.agriseta.co.za
Agriworld SA www.agriworldsa.com
ARC – Agricultural Research Council www.arc.agric.za
Business Unity SA www.busa.org.za
CGA – Citrus Growers’ Association www.cga.co.za
Conservation Agriculture Academy www.ca-academy.net
Crisis on Call www.crisisoncall.co.za
DAFF – Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries www.daff.gov.za
Deciduous Fruit Producers’ Trust www.dfpt.co.za
Department of Home Affairs www.dha.gov.za
Department of Rural Development and Land Reform www.dla.gov.za
Departement van Water en Sanitasie www.niwis.dwa.gov.za
DTI – Department of Trade and Industry www.thedti.gov.za
GSA – Graan SA / Grain SA www.graansa.co.za
Kwanalu – Kwazulu-Natal Landbou Unie www.kwanalu.co.za
Land Bank www.landbank.co.za
Landbousektor voorsorgfonds www.aspf.co.za
MPO – Milk Producers’ Organisation / Melkprodusentevereniging www.mpo.co.za
Mutual and Federal Agri www.mf.co.za
Nedlac www.nedlac.org.za
NWGA – National Wool Growers’ Association, NWKV – Nasionale Wolkwekersvereniging www.nwga.co.za
PPECB – Perishable Products Export Control Board www.ppecb.com
RPO – Red Meat Producers’ Organisation www.rpo.co.za
RSG Landbou www.rsglandbou.co.za
SA Rooibos Council www.sarooibos.org.za
SAMIC – South African Meat Industry Company www.samic.co.za
SAOBC – SA Ostrich Business Chamber, SAVB – Suid-Afrikaanse Volstruis Besigheidskamer www.ostrichsa.co.za
SATI – South African Table Grape Industry www.satgi.co.za
Statistiek SA www.statssa.gov.za
Vinpro www.vinpro.co.za
Vrystaat Landbou www.vslandbou.co.za
Agri Wes-Kaap www.awk.co.za
World Trade Organization www.wto.org