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Livestock improvement project


Local farmers

Royal Bafokeng region of the North West Province.

Why it was started?
Livestock farmers in the area have been experiencing severe challenges due to overgrazing and droughts.

How was it done?
Umsizi works with the local farmers, teaching them the importance of identifying the risk factors that are negatively impacting their cattle, and motivating the farmers to work together to overcome these challenges in a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).

Overall the livestock farmers are taught how to:

  • Tag and record livestock numbers;
  • Treat livestock against parasites;
  • Prevent long-term parasite infections;
  • Implement sustainable, strategic grazing practices; and
  • Improve cattle stock quality.

After a community has received training from Umsizi, members are continuously monitored and mentored, particularly in crop planning and rotation, business management and financial skills. This enables these beneficiaries to acquire skills needed to sell their produce, taking their agricultural activities to a commercial level.