O.D.E.Y. - Agri SAAgri SA


Benefitting farm workers in South Africa.

Why was it started?
Address drug and alcohol abuse, FAS and associated social problems within farming communities.

How was it done?
The O.D.E.Y. (Overcome Dependency, Empower Yourself) on-farm treatment and integration programme, is a holistic approach to substance dependency treatment and aftercare. The programme is structured to ensure that treatment could be done within the working environment, meaning everyday operational living activities can continue.

Social and Economic Implications
Over 1 000 individuals on 30 farms have participated in the program. The success rate of the programme is very high and individuals not only indicate a change in their drinking behaviours, but also an improvement in communication, family life and financial situation. More and more group members are coming to the fore with dual addiction such as alcohol and cannabis or even Mandrax and Methamphetamine (TIK).

Benefit for Initiator
Proactive approach to Land Reform (from farmer union) allowed all parties happiness and created a farming community