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Quedusizi Besters Project

Started by Besters Farming Union, benefitting 2500 households in Ladysmith, KZN.

Why was it started?
Efficient and equitable land reform

How was it done?
Each member decided to relinquish ground for land reform and negotiated with the department via an established committee. Meetings were also held with all farm workers (not just those applying for land). 21.5% of their land was offered. An article 21 company was started to support the new land owners. The Department of agriculture appointed two mentors for the project (for 2 years 150 hours a month) ( responsible for helping with farm and financial management). A Security company was also established which all land owners contribute to per ha.

How was it funded?
Land Redistribution for Agriculture Development 23.3 Million (13.8 for land, 1.25 for project and 8.5 for infrastructure on farms)

Social and Economic Implications
The farmers in the community gained the skills needed to generate income and has the needed support structures to make it a success. Safety on the farm due to the security company contributes to the social welfare of the communities.

Benefit for Initiator
Proactive approach to Land Reform (from farmer union) allowed all parties happiness and created a farming community