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Recapitilisation and development programme


29 farmers

North West

Why it was started?
To improve productivity on land reform farms

How was it done?
The DRDLR Recapitalisation and Development Programme was initiated to improve productivity on farms that were given to black farmers under the land reform process. This is done in partnership with suitably qualified organisations that would act either as strategic partners or as mentors to the emerging farmers. Omnia assisted farmers that are part of its crop input financing scheme in the North West Province to apply for mechanisation funding from DRDLR and R29 million was awarded to these farmers for tractors and implements. Omnia was also identified as a credible partner based on our prior work with the farmers and similar funding will be sought for farmers on the Omnia scheme in Mpumalanga, Free State and the Eastern Cape.

How it was funded?
As part of the programme, funding is made available from the DRDLR to qualifying beneficiaries for mechanisation.