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Sesisonke Farming Pty Ltd


Established to the benefit of farm workers

How was it done?
Sesisonke Farming Pty Ltd is a Company with a Shareholder ratio of: 96% Leslies and 4% Oupa Tshabalala.
Sesisonke Village is structured as a company with a farmworkers trust with the following shareholding; Three shareholders own 32% of Sesisonke’- James Leslie, David Leslie & the farmworkers trust, with Oupa Tsabalala the remaining 4% share.

How was it funded?
R3 million out of the business, Sesisonke farming, was spent on purchasing land, developing it and building the Sesisonke Village .

Social and Economic Implications
3 million was spent on the development of an agri-village for workers close to town where they have tenure security