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The Suurbraak Grain Framers Co-Operative

Started by Andy Harmse Wilmar Adams Dirkie Willemse Chris Louw Alan Jeftha, benefitting small scale farmers

Why was it started?
To help small scale farmers farm successfully

How was it done?
Land was leased from the Swellendam Municipality.They used the farming for the Future production model and with mentorship of Dirk van Papendorp. The model has the following principles Conservation, Precision, Financial discipline, and Training and education

How was it funded?
The Western Cape Department of Agriculture paid Techni pharm for land rehabilitation and production costs of the co-op for the first year. Thereafter, the members would themselves source the balance as government funding is phased out at the rate of 20% a year over four years. The co-op has received funding of R7 million since 2011, and has itself contributed almost R1,8 million towards its production input costs.
The co-op business plan stipulates that each member is entitled to 20% of its gross income yearly, Alan explains. A producer’s land and his income are considered separate, with each producer responsible for his own land and earnings.
However, 10% of the annual gross harvest earnings is put towards the co-op’s central reserve fund, which is used for maintenance and upkeep of equipment. Training was done through Grain SA.

Social and Economic Implications
Education were made available to the farmers.