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Woolworths’ Seed & Feed initiative

Started by

112 EduPlant schools

Why was it started?
To address food security in schools

How was it done?
Woolworths launched a Seed & Feed initiative in support of the EduPlant Programme. EduPlant, the premier permaculture food gardening competition for schools, initiated and managed by Food & Trees for Africa, enables hundreds of schools and communities to grow their own food in a healthy, eco-friendly way. When customers purchase monthly Seed & Feed vegetables, recognizable by the Seed & Feed logo in store or on the pack, Woolworths donates seeds and/or seedlings to an EduPlant school. The seeds and/or seedlings will be given to schools in all provinces participating in EduPlant workshops, where they learn how to grow and sustain their own food gardens.
A total of 15 000 seedlings have been distributed nationwide.

Social and Economic Implications
Many of these schools use the food that is grown in their food gardens to supplement their school feeding schemes, subsequently improving the health of students.